Tips for Maintaining an Old Car

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Back in the old days, buying a used car was risky business. But today, most used cars are actually a great bargain, fit to last for a long time — so long as you take care of them well. These tips for maintaining an old car will help keep your vehicle running for many more miles.

maintaining an old car

Prioritize a Safe Ride

A car of any age will be no good to you if it gets damaged in an accident. Thus, it only makes sense to make your top priority those things that keep the ride controlled and safe, like the brakes, the steering, and the tires.

Protect the Engine

You don’t want your car’s engine to let you down, so you need to take care of it and the components that affect it. This includes components the timing belt, battery connections, and radiator hoses. Have any damaged components replaced immediately so no further damage is done to the powertrain.

Practice Regular Maintenance and Awareness

All vehicles should get regular oil changes and tire rotations. If you have the oil changed at a garage, you can also ask the mechanic to look over the aforementioned items and to make any necessary repairs.

As long as you don’t delay in addressing anything that appears to be an issue, you should be able to keep your old car running happily for years to come. If you’re not sure what fixes your car needs, we at Ginn Chevrolet would be glad to take a look.

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