Four Fuel-Efficient Driving Techniques that Keep You Merry and Bright

Saving money at the gas pump is at the top of everyone’s list this holiday season here in Covington. You can maximize your car’s fuel usage through these fuel-efficient driving techniques for your four-door sleigh.

Fuel Efficient Driving Techniques - Ginn Chevy

Inflate the Tires

Inflating the tires to the manufacturer-recommended pressure can improve your car’s fuel efficiency. Check your vehicle’s tire pressure once per week. Properly filling tires with air can affect ride comfort and fuel economy.

Avoid Stopping

Did you know that avoiding traffic lights and stop signs can save time and fuel? Complete stops not only waste gas with your car idling, but the acceleration afterward takes more fuel away from your vehicle’s gas tank. Reducing the stops you make during your commutes to work and stores can impact your wallet.

Don’t Hit the Gas

After a complete stop, resist flooring the gas pedal. Doing so revs the engine and uses more fuel. Accelerating gently can diminish how much fuel is burned. If you are on the highway away from traffic, hit the cruise control to maintain a steady speed without any acceleration.

Minimize Weight

Avoid keeping heavy items in your car’s trunk. Minimizing the excess weight in your vehicle can help improve fuel economy. Carrying suitcases, tools, and other heavy objects can create drag and impact your car’s efficiency.

Ginn Chevrolet wishes you to stay safe this holiday season. If you need anything for your vehicle, do not hesitate to visit our Chevy dealership near Conyers, GA.

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