Back To School Safety Tips

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Back to school safety - Covington, GA

As the new school year starts, along with a busy schedule of academic and extracurricular activities, it’s important for parents and kids alike to practice safe habits. These tips will help you protect yourself and others during the new school year.


Many kids ride their bikes to and back from school, which creates a few safety issues for cyclists and drivers. Make sure your children always wear a helmet and teach them the relevant traffic rules, including hand signals. When driving, keep a close watch for children on bikes and give them plenty of space when passing.


Kids walking to or from school should always use the sidewalks, look both ways when crossing the road, and take the same route every day. Remind your children to avoid strangers, and to come straight home after class lets out. If possible, have your student walk with other kids in your general area, as there is safety in groups. Drivers should always yield to pedestrians, honor the speed limit — especially in school zones — and obey crossing guards.

Taking the Bus

Teach your children to wait patiently for the bus. They should try to arrive at least five minutes early and stay on the sidewalk until the bus arrives. Kids should never enter the street until the bus has come to a complete halt and extended its stop sign, and always stay seated while the bus is in motion.

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