Colorado ZR2 Off-Road Racing

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Colorado ZR2 Off-Road Racing - Covington, GA

On August 16th, 2019, the Colorado ZR2 competed in the Best in the Desert General Tire Vegas to Reno off-road race for the third year in a row. The Best of the Desert series of races puts off-road vehicles to the test with punishing desert terrain not meant for the faint of heart.

In its first year, the Colorado finished the trek from Vegas to Reno in just under 19 hours; by 2018, it managed to shave off nearly four hours. To date, the Colorado ZR2 has racked up 3,275 miles over 11 Best in the Desert races and is part of an elite 1% of 434 entrants to complete all 11 races.

Driven by Hall Racing’s Chad Hall, the Colorado ZR2 is part of the small-but-mighty stock 7300 class. Despite being a relatively unmodified, commercially-available pickup, the Colorado regularly outpaces extreme off-roading vehicles and modified versions of competitor trucks.

In the wake of the race, GM Chief Engineer Mark Dickens said, “Our goal with the Best in the Desert competition is to push the engineering and development of the Colorado platform in the most extreme conditions imaginable.” Thanks to the Best of the Desert races, Chevy engineers have developed over a dozen race components now commercially-available to Colorado customers.

Whether you’re planning to head off the beaten path or use your pickup for something a bit more traditional, you’ll find the highly-capable Chevrolet Colorado of your dreams at Ginn Chevrolet.

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