Chevrolet Offers Free Pumpkin Stencils for Halloween

Pump up your Halloween with free pumpkin stencils

October is here, and part of getting in the spirit of the season is visiting a pumpkin patch and picking out your very own pumpkin to carve into a Jack o’ Lantern. But if you want ideas besides the standard Jack o’ Lantern face, Chevrolet has you covered. The official Chevy Facebook page is celebrating Halloween with their very own free pumpkin stencils, so you and your family can spice up your pumpkins this year.

As you’d expect, all of the pumpkin stencils are Chevy-themed in some way. You can opt for a Chevy logo, or nameplates such as the Silverado, Spark, Camaro, or even the Corvette. Additionally, there are general car-themed stencils too, such as a pickup truck with the word “Truck or Treat” and even a Chevy Volt with vampire wings. There are lots of other options, too; all you have to do is check out Chevrolet’s Facebook page for a glimpse at more cool designs for your Jack o’ Lantern.

From Chevy nameplates in everything from spooky forests to spider webs, and offering designs from various iterations of the Chevrolet bowtie to a number of favorite vehicles in the brand’s lineup, Chevrolet has tons of free pumpkin stencils for you to choose from.

At Ginn Chevrolet, we love to see everyone getting into the Chevrolet-themed Halloween spirit, and we’d love to see your designs!

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