Winter Driving Tips for the Holiday Season

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Compared to some states up north, Georgia has relatively mild winters. However, the winter season still brings its fair share of problems to the Peach State. That’s why we at Ginn Chevrolet have created a list of winter driving tips to keep in mind as we near the holiday season. With many drivers on the road for Thanksgiving and Christmas, you’ll want to stay safe by following these tips.

Pay extra attention to Department of Transportation crews during inclimate weather. Many workers will be out this time of year clearing snow and ice from the highway, and it’s important to five them at least 100 feet of clearance. You should also avoid passing to prevent accidents. The holidays can be the busiest times of the year, so be sure to exercise patience.

Next, slow down. It sounds simple, but many drivers don’t realize that snowy conditions and black ice are only made worse by speeding. Some people suggest switching to a low gear to slow acceleration, but what really helps is to slow to half your normal speed—however frustrating that might seem. Spread good cheer this holiday season by relaxing behind the wheel.

Finally, watch for black ice. It’s notoriously difficult to spot black ice, but there are a few things you can do if you hit a patch on the road. First, avoid slamming on the brakes and keep your steering wheel steady. Second, take your foot of the gas and coast. Finally, avoid overcorrecting by remaining calm.

If your car needs some extra care before the winter months roll in, stop by Ginn Chevrolet.

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